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Janice Frame  -  Artist/ Educator

Janice Frame holds a Bachelor’s Degree in fine art from Fisk University in Fiber and Textiles and Art Education. She holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Cambridge College. She has been, for the past 35 years, an art educator K -12 on Martha’s Vineyard. Prior to becoming a part of the island community, she taught art in Westfield public schools (Westfield, MA.) and in Dekalb County schools (Atlanta, GA.) She has taught weaving as an adjunct professor at Morris Brown College (Atlanta GA.) Janice has been an integral part of the island art community both in the visual arts and theater arts. She managed the Field Gallery in West Tisbury, MA for 8 seasons. 


Her entire teaching career has been focused on the importance of standards based educational practice in visual art. She strongly believes in the creative process. This process is meaningful when a student knows and understands what he/she is creating. Her standards reflect performance, execution, skill development and the understanding of the medium. Lesson planning and curriculum have always been at the core of her visual art program.


Janice believes that art in today’s world, embodies the vast differences found in our collective backgrounds.  She sees them as cultural assets.  People are always self-discovering and these self-discoveries take us in surprising directions. Society must gain strength from what we learn from each other as well as listen to that persistent, ever present, intuitive self. The connection of one’s own rich heritage and person growth, will travel into the inevitable and critical connection between our society. 



  • Martha's Vineyard Times 

  • Vineyard Gazzette

  •  "The Urge To Create/50 Vineyard Portraits" by Jane Dreeben

  • Borders to Bridges, creativity based immigration curriculum guide book K-12 co-author


  • Portfolio Gallery's Annual "All Colors" Invitational Exhibit: Saint Louis Mo.   2022

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