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As an African-American artist in today’s world, I embody the vast differences found in our collective backgrounds. I view them as cultural assets. We are always self discovering and these self discoveries take us in surprising directions. We as a people, must gain strength from what we learn from each other as well as listen to that persistent, ever present, intuitive self. The connection of one’s own rich heritage and person growth will travel into the inevitable and critical connection between African Americans and Africa.

These connections are rich and very important. They Exist! My work, I hope, will serve as a creative connection  between the African diaspora and western culture. It is this connection that cause my creative forces to react. The beauty of African people is a tapestry woven from myriad threads of diversity, resilience, and cultural richness. From the glowing hues of their melanin-rich skin to the captivating contours of their features, each individual reflects a unique story steeped in the heritage of a continent as vast and varied as Africa. Their beauty transcends physical appearance, encompassing the rhythm of their laughter, the strength of their spirit, and the warmth of their hospitality. Whether adorned in vibrant traditional attire or navigating modernity with grace, African people radiate an innate elegance that celebrates the depth of their history and the vibrancy of their present.

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